In 2015, Portugal passed law nº30-A/2015, February 27, which offers the Sephardic Jews and their descendants the right to obtain the Portuguese citizenship to repair the historical damage of their persecution and expulsion under the Inquisition.

Sephardic Jews are defined as the descendants of the ancient Jewish communities from the Iberian Peninsula. After they were expelled from Spain and Portugal between 1492 and 1496, the Sephardic Jews settled in countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Turkey, as well as in regions of the Middle East and, later, in territories of Latin America and the United States of America.

At Goy Gentile we count with a network of genealogists and historians from more than 50 countries specialized in determining Sephardic origin and localizing and obtaining the different evidence to prove Sephardic lineage.

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Who May Apply?

In order to obtain the Portuguese Passport by Sephardic origin, it is necessary to be a descendant of a Sephardic Jew or to be a practicing Sephardic Jew.

To apply to the relevant Jewish community and obtain the necessary certificate of Sephardic origin, we will need the following information:

1. If the applicant is not a practicing Sephardic Jew:

Family Tree: The applicant must send to Goy Gentile his family tree with a minimum of four
previous generations. This must include first names, last names, place and approximate date of birth of the family members. Click on the following link to download the template.

At Goy Gentile, we will send the applicant information to our experts historians and genealogist in order to get a direct line to the Sephardic ascendant if any. This analysis is cost-free.

2. If the applicant is a practicing Sephardic Jew:

The applicant must send a letter from an Orthodox Rabbi certifying the status of Sephardic Jew as well as a family tree with a minimum of four previous generations, in order to receive certification from the Jewish community of Porto. Click on the following link to download the template.


Study of Sephardic origin

The applicant must send the family tree. Sephardic lineage research.

Application to Jewish Community

Accreditation of Sephardic origin.

Documentation Recollection

Personal and specific documentation of each applicant.

Application for Portuguese Citizenship

Ministry analyses case, and grants Portuguese Citizenship

(12-30 months)

Issuance of applicant’s Portuguese birth certificate

Issuance of Portuguese passport at the consulate.


The right to live and work and study in the EU

Free mobility at the Schengen area (26 countries)

Family members are entitled to the same rights

Travel to 185 countries visa-free (including the USA)

5th most powerful passport in the world

Access to Portuguese Social Services

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to go to Portugal in person?

No. Unlike Spanish Nationality by Sephardic origin, Portugal does not require the applicant to travel to Portugal to apply for citizenship.

Do I have to reside in Portugal?

No. It’s not necessary to live in Portugal to acquire Portuguese Citizenship.

Do I have to speak Portuguese?

No. To speak Portuguese is not a requirement to acquire Portuguese Citizenship.

Can I file a family application?

No. Each member of the family needs a separate application. However, having a family member certified by a Portuguese Jewish Community, makes the process for others easier.

Can my minor and spouse be granted citizenship as well?

No. Minors cannot apply through this law. Minors and spouses may apply later for Portuguese citizenship as any child or spouse of a Portuguese citizen. No residence is required.

Does Portugal require me to renounce to other Citizenship?

No. The Royal Decree No. 30-A/2015, expressly provides that it is not necessary to renounce to other nationalities when obtaining Portuguese Citizenship by Sephardic origin.