We are a law firm with a strong international profile and a large number of foreign clients. Our team is made up of lawyers with unparalleled international academic and professional credentials.

Additionally, at Goy Gentile we have native Spanish, English, Italian, French and Russian speaking lawyers.

expat lawyers

The international character of our law firm is part of our identity and is at the root of the foundation of our firm.

We have not chosen our jurisdictions randomly. Our firm is made up of lawyers who have worked in firms that are worldwide leaders, in their New York and London offices. We have a deep knowledge in the American, British, Argentinian and of course Spanish cultures and legislations. But above all, the choice of our jurisdictions responds to the need of supporting our clients in the countries that are of their greatest strategic interest.

Goy Gentile was born with the aim of creating a bridge between jurisdictions, uniting the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Spain.

International Desks

At Goy Gentile we have grouped our bilingual lawyers in various Desks (teams that coordinate all the services and specialize in a particular geographical area). Through our desks we provide focused advice for both our foreign clients that are looking to carry out activities in Spain, and our Spanish clients with interests abroad. Our Desks operate in a coordinated manner and connect all the practice areas of the firm. Our partners take care of coordinating the different teams to ensure excellence and a global vision that also compromises the cultural character of the particular region.

We deliver a highly specialized, agile and efficient advice in regions of strategic interest to our clients.

Moreover, thanks to the lawyers who make up our Desks, we have a strong network in each country, allowing us to offer a high quality and complete service and a close and effective communication, regardless of the language our clients speak.

Associations and International Partnerships

We should also mention that we have developed an international network of collaborating law firms. We have developed trusted and unique cooperative relationships with prestigious local firms who share our relentless pursuit of excellence in all key jurisdictions.
Additionally, we are being members of several recognized and esteemed international associations, legal directories and global legal networks.
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