Immigration Law

In Goy Gentile Abogados we are specialists in immigration law. As a law firm with an international profile and heavily focused in expats, our objective and commitment is not only to provide impeccable legal advice in order to obtain a visa, residence, work permit or nationality, but also support our client’s transition, arrival and installation.

We believe in a close support and exhaustive advice to our clients in the entire moving process to Spain, from their decision to take the step until their integration in the day to day life.

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Our Department of Immigration Law can give specialized advice in the following topics:

Immigration to Spain Options

  •  Investor visa/residence permit
  •  Entrepreneur visa/residence permit
  •  Highly qualified professional visa/residence permit
  •  Intra-company employee transfer visa/residence permit
  •  Researcher visa/residence permit


  • Self-employed work authorization and residence permit
  • Employment work authorization and residence permit.
  • Non-lucrative residence permit
  • Residence permit for settlement/roots


  • Nationality by residence
  • Nationality by Sephardic origin
  • Nationality by option


  • Student visa
  • Student visa extension
  • Student residence permit with a job search purpose
  • Internship residence permit

EU citizens

  • Enrollment into the community citizens register
  • Residence permit for relatives of EU citizens
  • Request of identity number for foreign (N.I.E.)


  • Return authorization
  • Communication of change of address
  • Stay extension
abogado de extranjeria en madrid


In Goy Gentile we have significant experience in residence for investors in Spain. This type of residence permit is for people who want to invest or have done any of the following minimum investments in Spain:

  1. Investment in financial assets. These can be:
    – Spanish national debt (at least 2m€).
    – Shares of Spanish companies (at least 1m€).
    – Investment in funds or risk capital funds incorporated in Spain (at least 1m€).
    – Bank deposits in Spanish banks (at least 1m€).
  2. Investment in real estate (at least 500k€).
  3. Investment in a business project. In this case, the business project must be developed in Spain and be considered of general interest. In order to qualify as of general interest, any of the following conditions must be met: (i) creation of job positions; (ii) the investment has a socioeconomic impact or relevancy in the geographical area in the one that is going to develop the activity; or (iii) relevant contribution to the scientific and/or technological innovation.

The principal advantages of the Golden Visa it is the short time period of resolution (10 or 20 working days) and this type of visa does not require effective or tax residence in Spain.


This kind of resident permit is focused in attracting capital and talent to be developed in Spain. This residence permit is for people who want to develop an entrepreneur activity (which is understood as an innovative project) and with economic interest for Spain.

The entrepreneur must submit a business plan that has to include, at least, the following elements:

  1. Description of the project: business activity to be performed, start date, location, planned legal form of the project vehicle, potential economic impact of the investment, description of the estimated number of jobs that may be created and their duties and qualification, planned promotion activities and sales strategy.
  2. Description of the product or service: the description shall be detailed and include the innovative aspects of the project.
  3. Market analysis: assessment of the market and expected evolution, description of the possible competitors, assessment of potential consumers and analysis of supply and demand, etc.
  4. Financing: investment required, sources of financing and financial plan.

The advantages of the entrepreneur residence permit are that it does not need a minimum capital of investment, it has a brief term of response on the part of the Administration and it is possible to request it already being in Spain, among others.


Nationality is the status that recognizes a person belongs to a nation, which involves a several social and politics rights and social duties. Among others, reasons to request nationality, can be residence in Spain, marriage with a Spanish citizen, Sephardic origin, etc.

In general, any foreigner can apply for nationality once he has resided in Spain for 10 years, legally, continuously and immediately before to file the request. However, this time frame can be reduced in the following cases:

  • 5 years of residence to grant Spanish nationality to those who have obtained the refugee’s condition.
  • 2 years of residence to grant Spanish nationality to those from Latin-American countries, Andorra, Philippines, Guinea or Portugal.
  • 1 year of residence to grant Spanish nationality to those persons born in Spanish territory, have been married with Spanish citizen, have born out of Spain but his/her father or mother are originally from Spain.

Our goal is to empower our clients in a new step in their life, accessing global mobility and enabling them to focus on what is important to them and their families.