Commercial & Corporate Law

At Goy Gentile we regularly advice corporations, both Spanish and foreign, and in particular, Spanish companies looking to expand offshore or foreign entities looking to enter the Spanish market, startups and family businesses.

We accompany our clients from the planning of their vision and setting-up the corporate structure, through the development, consolidation, growth and international expansion of their business.

corporate lawyers in madrid


Our Commercial and Corporate advises on the following matters:

  • Constitution of corporations and foundations
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Corporate operations (capital increases, capital reductions, by-laws’ amendments, etc.)
  • Transfers (through sale and purchases, exchanges, donations, etc.) of shares, activity branches, assets, etc.
  • Structural modifications (mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, shareholders’ separations, etc.)
  • Advice in all phases of the acquisition/investment process (confidentiality agreements, non-binding offers, letters of intent, etc.) and disinvestment process
  • Review of the legal status of the entity (Due Diligence)
  • Analysis of the legal risks of the proposed project
  • Design and implementation of corporate structures
  • Commercial contracts of all kinds
  • Advice on the defense and protection of shareholders’ corporate interests (minority and majority)
  • Advice on fundraising and process
  • Variable remuneration plans (phantom plans, stock options, etc.)
  • Legal advice on investments rounds
  • Convertible, subordinated and participated loans
  • Family business’ successions
  • Family protocols
corporate lawyers in madrid


Our young vision and our own experience as entrepreneurs in the legal market, allows us to accompany and advice our clients with great expertise throughout the process of incorporating their startup, its development, growth and international expansion. We will always offer you a comprehensive vision given our capacity in the different legal areas of a newly created company. We facilitate the achievement of the objectives of our entrepreneurial clients in an efficient way, with a clear delimitation of their responsibilities, minimizing the associated risks.


We advise on secure business internationalization strategies, accompanied with a solid legal analysis enabling that our clients achieve their objectives and limit their risks and costs. Our dynamism and international projection, allow us to determine the international legal impact and offer comprehensive legal services for companies looking to enter into the Spanish market or Spanish companies looking to expand outside Spain.

Our young vision and our own experience as entrepreneurs enable us to understand the needs of our entrepreneurial clients and achieve their business objectives while minimizing legal risks.