International Surrogacy

At Goy Gentile we are specialists in International Surrogacy procedures. We have extensive experience in offering tailored legal and clinical advice with the maximum guarantees to clients looking to have a child through surrogacy.

Our team understands the overwhelming, daunting and confusing decision and process that a surrogacy can entail. We are committed to minimize our clients’ worries and accompany them every step of the way ensuring the smoothest process possible.

Our goal and commitment to our clients’ is to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents.

international surrogacy lawyers


  • Country Selection. Advice based on our knowledge and experience on which country with which we work with, after a detailed explanation of the differences and procedures of each, best suits the particular personal, family and economic circumstances of our client for a surrogacy process.
  • Legal documentation. We take care of drafting and negotiating all legal documentation related to the process, and in particular,
    • Agreement with the Surrogate Mother: one of the main documents is the agreement between the future parents and the surrogate mother which must provide for all the particularities of the process, economic terms and any of the future parents’ requests.
  • Professional Network. We select, contact, represent our clients and negotiate with all the professionals involved in the process in the foreign country, and in particular,
    • The Agency: choosing an agency with skilled professionals, experience and a proven success record is extremely important. At Goy Gentile we carefully select and only work with the best agencies in each country. We ensure they offer us the possibility to choose the surrogate mother who best suits the characteristics and circumstances of each case and that they meet the highest condition standards for mothers. We also require that they carry out a continuous supervision of all medical appointments and keep us informed of the gestation process and mother and baby’s health on a continuous basis.
    • Fertility Clinic: once the suitable surrogate mother is selected, the work of the fertility clinic begins. The fertility clinic will be responsible for carrying out the procedure of assisted reproduction and supervising that the pregnancy develops normally.
    • Law Firm: In order to ensure total legal compliance and guarantees, in addition to the legal advice required in Spain, legal representation will also be needed in the country where the pregnancy is to be carried out.
  • Calculation of the procedure costs which will depend on the selected country, with total transparency and cost efficiency.
  • Complete and uninterrupted assistance in the destination country, offering the possibility of one of our professionals accompanying the future parents to the chosen country, if so desired by the client.
  • Translator services, we offer the possibility of a translator accompanying the future parents to the country of destination, so as to avoid that the foreign language does not represent a barrier or source of confusion.
  • Advice and help in requesting financial aid, so as to avoid that economic reasons prevent our clients of achieving their dream of becoming a parent.
  • Psychological support for parents, if necessary.
  • Management services for transfers to the destination country, such as booking flights, hotels and apartments, chauffeurs, etc.
international surrogacy lawyers

Surrogacy with an International Element

At Goy Gentile, thanks to our deep knowledge of the subject, strong international profile, extensive professional and personal network and experience in the countries where surrogacy is allowed, we have a privileged position to advise and accompany our clients throughout the process in foreign countries and ensure a safe return of the child to Spain with maximum legal guarantees.