Real Estate Law

At Goy Gentile we offer comprehensive advice tailored to the needs of those clients seeking to make a real estate transaction either in Spanish territory or internationally, always with Goy Gentile’s unique touch: quality and fiscal optimization of all transactions.

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Our advisory includes:

  • Due diligence
  • Negotiation and preparation of all type of agreements related to the real estate transaction, including agreements of sale and purchase, lease, exchange, purchase options, escrow, construction, etc.
  • Advice on the transaction financing (financing contracts, mortgages, loans, etc.)
  • Design of legal and tax structures to acquire property, including the setting up of legal entities
  • Real estate complexes (shopping centers, leisure centers, hotels, offices, etc.)
  • Participation or legal representation in the different steps of the transaction, particularly before public notaries and communities of property owners
  • Residence visa by investing €500,000 in properties in Spanish territory
  • Consultations on pre-litigious and litigious matters
  • Taxation
  • Auxiliary procedures
real estate lawyers madrid


We have extensive experience in the sale and rental of real estate, whether urban, rural, residential or commercial, in Spain and abroad. These transactions require careful attention to detail, both to the contractual provisions, as well as to the legal requirements for a successful transfer. Most importantly, they also require a careful tax planning, which should include the creation of a legal and tax structure in order to maximize the investment and minimize the costs of the transaction.

Accessory Formalities

We also take care of all accessory formalities for a complete asset transfer, including the liquidation of all related taxes and registry inscriptions.

We offer a comprehensive real estate advice, always with Goy Gentile’s unique touch: quality and fiscal optimization of all transactions.